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Flud - You don’t need to be a style savant to know that an outfit is incomplete without the right watch. Finding that watch, however, is another story. Not only do you have to discover the brand and model that fits your personal style, you have to do so amidst an overabundance of slightly differentiated options. Picking the right watch makes choosing the “perfect” laundry detergent look painless.

Fortunately, one fine timepiece purveyor heard our cry. FLuD is here to take the edge off like a hump day happy hour. The company designs fresh, unique watches for the casual and streetwear scene and features both trendy and classic styles. Their prices, normally pretension-free, just became ridiculous: JungleCents’ deal is a droolworthy $80 for $40 at the timepiece designhouse. But the bone-throwing buck doesn’t stop there—FLuD’s website offers assistance to the fashion-faulty and decision-impaired through their nifty “Watch Selector”.

The Watch Selector has you complete a number of quick steps in order to match you with your best option(s). Choose your Movement (digital, analog?), Size, Band Material (mesh, leather, steel, polyurethane?), and Color, and receive fitting suggestions. This led us to a beautiful Rosewood piece, titled “The Moment”, which had both wood and black leather strap options and featured applied Roman Numerals set in the wood grain dial. It also pulled up a similar watch in smoky oak, “Big Ben”. After comparing the colors of the two wood pieces (and realizing that we’d be pasty again in a few weeks), we went with the chesnutty Big Ben.

Troll around FLuD’s collection, if you prefer to see everything at once. That’s how we came across the “G2” in black, a modern and chic casual piece that’s all about contradiction. Contrasting a leather strap with a contoured polycarbonate case and a sleek, oblong face against a rotating hour disc, it’s perfect for the kicked-back look. If you’re looking for a piece that floats with the formal and sails from cubicle to club, zero in on “The Moment” in Gunmetal or “Exchange” in Gunmetal or Black.

Don’t stress if your watch waffling puts John Kerry to shame. With their sweet selection and equally sweet selector, FLuD’s got your back. Snag this week’s deal and get to timepiece pickin’!

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      *Code valid for 6 months!
      *Can purchase multiple vouchers!
      *Limited Quantity Available!
      Shipping not included


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